Announcing Speedrunner HD for Steam

Hi all!

Today, I'm very excited to finally announce that, yes, we are bringing Speedrunner HD to the PC, and yes, it is coming out on Steam!

Since the game was first released on Xbox Live Indie Games, we've been receiving a lot of requests from players who would like to see the game on PC so that they could play against their friends online. Well, we couldn't agree more!

Readers of our blog might have already known that we were working on bringing the game to PC, but now the rest of the world will know as well, including the fact that it's actually coming out on Steam.

Besides offering more content and an online multiplayer mode, we're also working on implementing an advanced leaderboards and ranking system, which will allow players to really show who is the best Speedrunner in the world!

Now, with all the work that still has to be done (and the other game, Chaos Battle, that we're also working on), it's difficult to say when the game will be finished, so we don't have an official release date for you yet.

But stay tuned, we're ...


Another character revealed

Hi all!

We've got another update for you today, announcing the second playable character from our next game Chaos Battle. Head over to Robin Keijzer’s blog to check out the Green Terror! .

Robin will be revealing the final two characters in the coming weeks, so check out his blog if you want to see more (it’s got some great other stuff as well!).

On another note: we're also busy working on Speedrunner. We've got some great new levels, and hopefully an exciting announcement.. soon. So stay tuned!


New game announcement: Chaos Battle!

Hi all!

Today we’re happy to announce the title of the new game we’ve been working on: Chaos Battle.

While we can’t reveal too much info yet on what the game is about (simply because we don’t know, haha) but what we can do is link you to our artist Robin Keijzer’s site. There, you’ll be able to find the first piece of in-game art, revealing one of the playable characters Aggro Bear. Robin will be revealing three more characters in the coming weeks, so check out his blog if you want to see more (it’s got some great other stuff as well!). Hopefully, we’ll be able to share some more info on the game soon, like gameplay trailers and whatnot.

Oh, and the release date for Chaos Battle? Let’s say "Sometime in 2012" ;)



IGM Readers Choice Award

Hi all! Just a quick post to share the awesome news that Speedrunner HD has recently been voted by the readers of Indie Game Magazine as the best XBLIG Game of the year 2011! It means a lot to us to get this kind of recognition, and it motivates us to do even better in 2012!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for Speedrunner HD!


Speedrunner HD Patch 1.2

Today we released the second patch for Speedrunner HD on Xbox Live Indie Games. Scroll down to the bullet point list if you just want to see the changes in this update.

This patch coincides with the release of the soundtrack of Speedrunner HD by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden, just like we had planned! Head over to to check it out.

Actually though, we had hoped this patch would be released somewhere around christmas last year (that sounds like a long time ago!). However, we didn’t quite make that deadline. What happened?

Well, during a multiplayer playthrough of Speedrunner, back in November, we found some remaining rare bugs which I (GJ) really liked to fix, and we weren't the only ones who noticed either. Because it's a time intensive effort to release a patch on XBLIG we usually like to add some new content as well. So, Casper added some much requested new multiplayer levels, raising the total number of multiplayer levels from 5 to 7.

Industry: Factory is the spike production facility (so now you know where all those spikes are coming from!). It's level where -you guesed it- a lot ...


New project art and some Speedrunner updates

As you may know from a recent post here and our twitter stream, Casper has been working on a new DoubleDutch game. This game was in need of some pretty artwork, but unfortunately Gerrit Willemse, who did the art for Speedrunner, did not have time to help us out this time.

This opened the opportunity for us to contact Robin Keijzer, whose work we have been admiring for quite a while, as he was the art director at Playlogic for the Xbox 360/PS3 game Fairytale Fights. We think his crazy awesome art style will work very well with this new game, and luckliy, he was able to find some time to work with us on this new game!

Currently, quite a bit of art is already done, and we are ready to slowly start showing off some of it. The first piece of art to be released is a concept of one of the four playable characters in the game. We don’t have a name for this character yet and we would love to hear your suggestions!

Head over to Robin's blog post to see the larger image. While you are there, be sure to check out ...


Speedrunner HD Patch 1.1

Two weeks ago, the 1.1 patch for Speedrunner HD was released on Xbox Live Indie Games! This patch brings 4 new singleplayer bonus levels and online distributed scoreboards, amongst other changes. Here is the full changelist:

  • 4 all new singleplayer bonus levels
  • online distributed scoreboards
  • faster load times
  • smaller game size on harddisk
  • tweak: in addition to the X button, the shoulder buttons now also activate the grappling hook
  • tweak: prevented skipping through the screen calibration without changing it at least slightly
  • tweak: adjusted some of the medal timings
  • bug: wall climbing no longer depletes boost power
  • bug: no more infinite respawning in some rare multiplayer situations
  • bug: the front runner will now get a point (in multiplayer) when the 3rd player is knocked out
  • bug: double jump and invincibility is now correctly reset when transitioning from the multiplayer lobby to the game
  • bug: opening the pause menu in multiplayer before the game is started no longer locks up the game

As always; follow us on twitter and/or facebook for more updates on the development of Speedrunner and our other games!

We recently created a DoubleDutch Games google+ page. Add us to your circles if you haven't ...


Status Update

So we keep getting questions on what's going on with DoubleDutch Games. It has been six weeks since we released Speedrunner HD on Xbox Live Indie Games. And granted, we have been awfully silent after that. So without further ado, here is a status update.


Speedrunner HD has been released!

Hi guys,

just a quick note letting you know that Speedrunner HD has now officially been released on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace!

Download the game from your xbox dashboard, or visit this site (not available in the Netherlands though, sorry!)

Also, watch the launch trailer heeeeerre!



Speedrunner HD is a DBP semi-finalist!

The buzz around Speedrunner HD is now really ramping up, as we've been officially announced as one of the 20 Dream.Build.Play 2011 challenge semi-finalists!

Check out the full list of the 20 semi-finalists here.

Also, we've finalized the release date for Speedrunner HD! August 30th, 2011 is when the game will be available on XBLIG, as part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising.

We've already passed Peer Review, so the game is finalised, completed and ready for launch!