Status Update

So we keep getting questions on what's going on with DoubleDutch Games. It has been six weeks since we released Speedrunner HD on Xbox Live Indie Games. And granted, we have been awfully silent after that. So without further ado, here is a status update.

Sales figures

So how is Speedrunner HD doing on XBLIG? Well, without going into much detail, not as well as we would have liked, but we can't complain. Somewhere in the immediate future a post should appear on Gamasutra with the sales data of all Indie Games Summer Uprising games, including ours. We will give a shout out on our facebook and twitter pages once that is out. Also, we’re working on a full post-mortem on the game, so that post will go into more detail as well.

Game update

After the release of Speedrunner HD we immediately started working on a update/patch for the game. It's currently in Peer Review, which is a slow process so we are not sure when it will be released. Keep an eye on this blog though, as we will post a change list once it is released. I can tell you right now; it's a good one!

Upcoming gig

Ironically, even though we call ourselves DoubleDutch Games, the Dutch public can't actually play Speedrunner HD (as XBLIG is not available in the Netherlands)!. The last and only time Speedrunner HD was playable here was at the Indigo schowcase event in May this year. Now, the game will be shown a second time, as a while ago we were asked to exhibit the game at Geekfest in Amsterdam. The multiplayer mode of Speedrunner HD works really well in this setting so we are happy to do this. In other words; if you would like some manic running or if you want to try to beat us at our own game, come over to Amsterdam, Saturday November 5th!


This also brings us to the next topic; the future. We are currently upgrading/porting Speedrunner HD for PC so it will also be available in places where there is no XBLIG. The details on how and where it will be released are still a bit unclear to us, so we can't really talk too much about it yet. What we can say is that the development of this version should for all intents and purposes be finished somewhere in Q1 2012, however we are notoriously bad at planning so we'll have to see. Meanwhile, Casper is prototyping some exciting new game concepts. Follow us on twitter, as we’ll probably leak some teasers there from time to time.

Oh and one final thing; this Thursday (October 13th), there’s a Twitter chat, beginning at 5pm Pacific, with the developers of the 20 Dream.Build.Play semi-finalists. We hope to be participating in this chat, but the timing is a bit awkward for us (as then it’ll be around 2 o’clock at night for us, if I’m not mistaken). The chat is organized by @XNACommunity so head over to their twitter page to find out how to participate.

Anyway, that's it! As always, keep up to date with DoubleDutch by using our RSS feed for this blog, or follow/like us on twitter and facebook.


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