SpeedRunner Postmortem

So it’s been exactly a month since we’ve released the flash version of Speedrunner on the web. Time for a post-mortem! In this post, we’ll discuss a few points that went right and wrong during the development process, we’ll discuss the financial picture behind Speedrunner, and to top it off we have a couple of exciting announcements! We don’t post often; but when we do, it’s filled with lots of goodies!


First, let’s start with discussing Speedrunner’s successes. As of now, the game has been played well over 3 million times, which by my standards makes it a definitive success. By comparison, we like to look at Steambirds’ numbers for a benchmark, and although we’re not as successful as they were, our play numbers are quite close. Here’s a fancy looking graph detailing he game’s views:

Currently, the game is steadily attracting a little over 50,000 views a day. Another interesting stat is the average play time, which clocks in at just over 10 minutes. To put that number in more perspective; we have quite a high bounce rate, around 13%. This means that 13% of the ...


SpeedRunner Released!

We are excited to announce that the free web version of SpeedRunner has been released today! Woohoo! Champagne for everyone!

You can play the game at www.speedrunner-game.com or at our sponsor’s site: www.maxgame.com, where you’ll be able to play three extra bonus levels, offering an additional challenge.

If you’re not convinced yet that this is an awesome game full of speedrunning goodness, check out the trailer: