SpeedRunner Released!

We are excited to announce that the free web version of SpeedRunner has been released today! Woohoo! Champagne for everyone!

You can play the game at www.speedrunner-game.com or at our sponsor’s site: www.maxgame.com, where you’ll be able to play three extra bonus levels, offering an additional challenge.

If you’re not convinced yet that this is an awesome game full of speedrunning goodness, check out the trailer:

We would like to use this moment to thank all the awesome people who have been helping us out with this game. Our team; Gerrit, Jonathan and Frank for their wonderful art, audio and animation work, which really brought the game to a whole new level. Thanks guys, the game wouldn’t have been nearly this good without your help! Thijs; who so generously allowed us to host our development files on his server. And finally all the people who tested and provided feedback on the game.

Unfortunately there is no time to celebrate this release, as we are currently working around the clock to get a stable first version of SpeedRunner HD (yes!) ready in time for Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge. We will have to submit the game next Tuesday at the latest, so wish us luck, we can use a good portion of that. And yes, this is an official confirmation that SpeedRunner HD -with Hi-Def graphics and 4-player multiplayer(!)- will be released on the Xbox 360!

One last thing. Because the game is now finally ‘unveiled’, we are planning to write more posts about the development of SpeedRunner and SpeedRunner HD. We can´t say for sure when these posts will arrive (as we write them in between other things, like developing games and such). But if you want to be notified about these posts, we always leave a note about them on the usual facebook, twitter and RSS channels.

Now go play some SpeedRunner already and post your scores on the leaderboard! We hope you like it :)


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