New game announcement: Chaos Battle!

Hi all!

Today we’re happy to announce the title of the new game we’ve been working on: Chaos Battle.

While we can’t reveal too much info yet on what the game is about (simply because we don’t know, haha) but what we can do is link you to our artist Robin Keijzer’s site. There, you’ll be able to find the first piece of in-game art, revealing one of the playable characters Aggro Bear. Robin will be revealing three more characters in the coming weeks, so check out his blog if you want to see more (it’s got some great other stuff as well!). Hopefully, we’ll be able to share some more info on the game soon, like gameplay trailers and whatnot.

Oh, and the release date for Chaos Battle? Let’s say "Sometime in 2012" ;)



New project art and some Speedrunner updates

As you may know from a recent post here and our twitter stream, Casper has been working on a new DoubleDutch game. This game was in need of some pretty artwork, but unfortunately Gerrit Willemse, who did the art for Speedrunner, did not have time to help us out this time.

This opened the opportunity for us to contact Robin Keijzer, whose work we have been admiring for quite a while, as he was the art director at Playlogic for the Xbox 360/PS3 game Fairytale Fights. We think his crazy awesome art style will work very well with this new game, and luckliy, he was able to find some time to work with us on this new game!

Currently, quite a bit of art is already done, and we are ready to slowly start showing off some of it. The first piece of art to be released is a concept of one of the four playable characters in the game. We don’t have a name for this character yet and we would love to hear your suggestions!

Head over to Robin's blog post to see the larger image. While you are there, be sure to check out ...