SpeedRunner Released!

We are excited to announce that the free web version of SpeedRunner has been released today! Woohoo! Champagne for everyone!

You can play the game at www.speedrunner-game.com or at our sponsor’s site: www.maxgame.com, where you’ll be able to play three extra bonus levels, offering an additional challenge.

If you’re not convinced yet that this is an awesome game full of speedrunning goodness, check out the trailer:


SpeedRunner Dev Story 01: “Art”

In our last post we promised new blog posts revealing more of our soon to be released game: SpeedRunner. Now two and a half month later we are ready to deliver on that promise.

The reason it has been so long is that we have been really busy to get the game ready for release. Gerrit, Jonathan and Frank have been working hard on sound, art and animation while Casper has had his hands full with implementing the new assets in the game, while also tweaking the levels and fixing a whole lot of bugs.

Back on topic: What we want to present now is the main menu screen of the game as drawn by Gerrit. This menu screen features the main character, our local superhero: SpeedRunner. We made a short time-lapse video of the process so you can get an idea in what goes into all of this. The music of this video has been made by Jonathan exclusively for the game.