"What if.. it started Raining Rockets?"

This Thursday (the 19th) we're hosting the second weekly "What if.." event, titled SpeedRapture, which asks the question 'What if.. it started Raining Rockets?"

Last weeks "What if.. all items were grappling hooks" was a lot of fun and we're hoping that this week will be even crazier! So make sure to play the game on Thursday, as this modifier will only be available for 24 hours!


"What if.. all items were grappling hooks?" SpeedHookers!

Yesterday we hosted our first "What if.." event, titled 'What if.. all items were grappling hooks? (SpeedHookers!)'. 

I had a lot of fun myself, playing the game this way. But I'm also curious to hear what everyone else thinks of it! So, if you had a chance to play the game yesterday, head over to the Steam Forums and let us know if you enjoyed it!

In case you missed yesterday's event, no worries; we're doing another "What if.." next Thursday, called IceRunners. So join us then for some slippery fun! 


Updates, updates, updates..

Hi all,

the last two weeks we're kind of crazy, as we RELEASED SPEEDRUNNERS ON STEAM last Monday. We also somehow got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to fly across the globe and go to PAX for a week only two days after that. Indie lifestyle, right?

Anyway, at the same time we've been working hard on improving the game and have already pushed a couple of updates. You can read about that over on the Steam Forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/207140/discussions/

Of course, we've also got a couple of interesting updates coming up, which I'd like to tell you about right now.

First of all, the next update will include some relatively minor, but still important bug- and gameplay fixes, like an improved camera system. Secondly, we're going to start with "What if.." Thursdays. From next Thursday on, every Thursday will see a modifier being active for 24 hours.

The first "What if.." will be "What if.. all items were grappling hooks? (SpeedHookers!)", after which we'll see other modifiers, such as 'IceRunners', 'SpeedRapture' and many more! We've got a couple of them designed already ...


Release on Steam Early Access this Monday!!

Hi all, Casper here with a really short post. It's short because we're super-busy at the moment in preparation for coming monday, as we'll be releasing the game that day on Early Access!!


So, the long wait is finally over, you can start playing the game then (if you haven't played it yet during the Beta). It'll be available for $10 during Early Access, as opposed to $15 when it's fully released. Check out tinyBuild's site for more details, gotta go!


Beta Build is Up!

Finally! Yesterday late in the evening (well, night actually), we uploaded the Beta Build to Steam. Today, we're rolling out the Keys in batches, so keep an eye on your inbox/spam folder if you've signed up for the Beta.



New trailer & Announcement(s)!

Hi all!

Get ready for an interesting post, as we're making not one, not two, not three, but four (that's right, I said it, four!) announcements! We don't post often, but when we do..

Anyway, I can finally say what I've been wanting to say for quite some time:


Yay! After working on the online multiplayer code for a long time, it is now finally getting to a point where we're (semi-)confident that it's robust enough to start letting some early playtesters in. So if you're interested, sign up for the Beta via the link below!

Before you do that, though, we have a couple more announcements for you. First up:


who are known for 'No Time To Explain' and 'Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar' (which are really awesome, so check them out if you haven't heard of them yet). The guys at tinyBuild are helping us with the promotional aspects of the game. That includes doing the promotion & marketing stuff (making a trailer, talking with press, etc), but also ...


Changes in Speedrunner's Multiplayer Rules

Hi all!

Today I'd like to talk about some of the changes I've made so far in the rules of Speedrunner's multiplayer mode. The inspiration for writing this post came from seeing this video in which four enthusiastic French players play a couple of exciting multiplayer matches. It's a really fun video, as the guys all even dress up as their game character!

Anyway, seeing that video made me attentive to the small changes I've made in the rules of a speedrunner multiplayer match, and I wanted to share these changes with you, so that you can already give me feedback if you think those changes are for the good or for the bad.



Hi all,

a quick update today, letting you know that we're (finally) moving to an actual office! In fact, I'm typing this post from there right now. For those who don't know; Gert-Jan and I were previously working out of our homes, which were some 100km apart, which made collaborating a bit difficult at times.

The office is located in the Dutch Game Garden, which means we're sharing the building with cool game developers like Ronimo, Vlambeer, Game Oven and others. Also, we're sharing this office with Ludomotion, so we can work together with Koen on mondays.

Working alongside each other has many advantages, all hopefully increasing our productivity. In the context of speedrunner's development, there's an additional advantage, in that we can now more quickly and easily test out our new multiplayer levels. Previously, when I was working from my home all alone, I couldn't easily test my new level designs; I had to organise whole playtesting sessions (i.e. invite over some friends), which was quite cumbersome (since I don't have any). Now, I can easily grab Gert-Jan or Koen or ...


Speedrunner updates (3)

Last week, Casper asked me to explain why online multiplayer is taking us so long to get done. But before I do so, I would like to begin by mentioning that Speedrunner HD won the Dutch Game Award for Best Game Animation! The Dutch Game Awards are sort of the Oscars for the Dutch game industry so naturally we are pretty excited. Here’s a picture of all the award winners holding their giant golden cyborg owls; you can see Casper in the bottom left looking happy and a bit overwhelmed. Congratulations to Frank Post, our animator, and to the other winners as well (yes, even to Ronimo who bested us in the ‘Best PC/Console Game’ category)!

Anyway, the now (physically*) ‘award winning’ Speedrunner HD has become a bit of a victim of it’s own success. We started DoubleDutch Games back in 2010 with SpeedRunner as our first game. We never expected the flash game to do as well as it did (it has actually surpassed 10 million views by now!). And we also didn’t expect people to enjoy the local multiplayer as much as fans tell us now. The Xbox version of Speedrunner also opened the door to Steam, so all in all Speedrunner is doing much better than we had ever dared to hope it would.


Speedrunner updates (2)

Hi all,

as promised (though a bit late as usual), here's another update on Speedrunner's progress.

This week I come with some bad news and some good news. Starting with the bad news, this friday we had a little talk with our friends/competitors of Ronimo Games (specifically Joost van Dongen, who maintains a very interesting blog). Since they developed the aptly named Awesomenauts, complete with online multiplayer, we figured they could probably have some interesting insights to share with us. And so they did, in a very humbling talk that made it clear to us that we still have a lot of work to do with Speedrunner. So much in fact, that we're doubting whether or not we'll even be able to finish the game in 2013..

Yes, you've read that correctly, we're now thinking of a release date somewhere in 2014.

However, I also said we had some good news. The good news is that we've found someone to help us with development; a teaching colleague of mine from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam named Koen Bollen. Koen is a very talented programmer, currently also working with other collegues from the Hogeschool ...