Speedrunner updates (2)

Hi all,

as promised (though a bit late as usual), here's another update on Speedrunner's progress.

This week I come with some bad news and some good news. Starting with the bad news, this friday we had a little talk with our friends/competitors of Ronimo Games (specifically Joost van Dongen, who maintains a very interesting blog). Since they developed the aptly named Awesomenauts, complete with online multiplayer, we figured they could probably have some interesting insights to share with us. And so they did, in a very humbling talk that made it clear to us that we still have a lot of work to do with Speedrunner. So much in fact, that we're doubting whether or not we'll even be able to finish the game in 2013..

Yes, you've read that correctly, we're now thinking of a release date somewhere in 2014.

However, I also said we had some good news. The good news is that we've found someone to help us with development; a teaching colleague of mine from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam named Koen Bollen. Koen is a very talented programmer, currently also working with other collegues from the Hogeschool on a fun little game called Bezircle. Hopefully, Koen will help us in getting Speedrunner into your hands as fast as possible.

Next week, perhaps Gert-Jan will write a post on the technical part of Speedrunner's development, explaining why exactly this online multiplayer is taking us so long. For now however, we hope you'll have the patience to wait a while longer while we continue to work hard on getting Speedrunner running smoothly on the PC.

Cheers, Casper


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