Speedrunner updates

Hi all!

So.. the development of Speedrunner's online multiplayer component is still taking a while, but I know you're anxious for some news. Unfortunately, we don't have a release date yet - and we're also not sure when we'll start beta testing. Sorry! We're working really hard on it, and we're even looking to add an additional member to our team for this. I think we've underestimated a bit just exactly how difficult it was going to be to implement online multiplayer in a fast-paced platformer like Speedrunner. I guess that's why I haven't seen it in many other games yet ;)

Anyway, I do want to provide you guys with some news, so I've decided to write some things on the new features that you can expect in the PC version of the game, and to post these once a week.

So, let's start with a new feature we call 'Hardcore Mode'. I've written briefly on this before; basically it's similar to Super Meat Boy's Dark World in that it provides an alternate version of each level, unlocked by collecting a gold medal. These alternate version are super difficult because they are filled with extra hazards such as spikes and some other scary things (but I'll discuss those in one of the other posts).

Below is an example of what I mean. This is (part of) the first level of the second chapter (City), which is all about wallclimbing. In the normal version of the level, it's fairly easy as you can't really die, other than because of the time running out.

In the Hardcore Mode of this level, there are a lot of spikes added, which means you can actually die.. and you will. Often. As you might note, the spikes are placed in specific places, which means there's basically only one route that you can take.. and that route is very dangerous and difficult! For instance, in this level it requires you to make optimal use of the wallrunning technique. Which is good practice for the online multiplayer mode, which will also feature a lot more difficult levels.

Anyway, this new feature will hopefully give those players who have become experts in the game an additional challenge in the singleplayer mode. All the levels in the game will have a hardcore mode-version, and I can promise you this: they won't be easy!

So next week, I'll write a bit on the new types of obstacles you can expect to see (both in 'normal' levels and their hardcore counterparts). Hope to see you then!

Cheers, Casper

Oh I almost forgot one thing. Last week, Speedrunner HD has been nominated for two(!) Dutch Game Awards! In the categories 'Best Animation' and 'Best PC/Console Game' we're competing against the likes of Ronimo's Awesomenauts and Interwave Studios' Nuclear Dawn. They're both excellent games, so wish us luck!


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