Introducing: the team

The last blog we wrote about how DoubleDutch Games came to be, and how we envision our future. This time we want to elaborate on the team that is working on our first project; SpeedRunner.

SpeedRunner is a 2D Platformer-Racing game. The idea is based on Speedruns; getting from the start to the finish of a level as quickly as possible, by finding the most efficient route.

As we mentioned before, our goal with DoubleDutch is to produce high quality games. So when Casper started working on this project, he realised that he would not be able to bring the quality of the game to the level he would like, all by himself. Casper is a great game designer and a decent programmer, but creating high quality art, animation and audio could be problematic.


A brief history of DoubleDutch Games

So today, we’d like to share the story of how DoubleDutch Games was formed.

The story begins back in 2008, when the Dutch game development studio Coded Illusions, while working on an Xbox360 title, went bankrupt at the beginning of the financial crisis. We, Casper and Gert-Jan, were both working at Coded Illusions at that time as a Game Designer and a Programmer respectively. Casper was quickly able to find a new job at the Serious Gaming and Simulation Lab at Delft University of Technology, where he also started working on his Computer Sience Master thesis. Gert-Jan was recommended by Casper to the Game Lab and soon started working there as well.

At this time, we started sharing ideas about making games and turning this into a profitable business. Inspired by the successes of a number of small indie developers and the rise of digital download markets such as Xbox Live Indie Games and the App Store, a business plan emerged which focused on small, high quality downloadable games.