Hi all,

a quick update today, letting you know that we're (finally) moving to an actual office! In fact, I'm typing this post from there right now. For those who don't know; Gert-Jan and I were previously working out of our homes, which were some 100km apart, which made collaborating a bit difficult at times.

The office is located in the Dutch Game Garden, which means we're sharing the building with cool game developers like Ronimo, Vlambeer, Game Oven and others. Also, we're sharing this office with Ludomotion, so we can work together with Koen on mondays.

Working alongside each other has many advantages, all hopefully increasing our productivity. In the context of speedrunner's development, there's an additional advantage, in that we can now more quickly and easily test out our new multiplayer levels. Previously, when I was working from my home all alone, I couldn't easily test my new level designs; I had to organise whole playtesting sessions (i.e. invite over some friends), which was quite cumbersome (since I don't have any). Now, I can easily grab Gert-Jan or Koen or some other game developer and get quick feedback on my work! Hooray!

In commemoration of this joyous fact, here's some nice (aptly titled) music for you to enjoy..

Cheers! Casper


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