Hi everybody!

Welcome to the DoubleDutch blog. This first post is intended to introduce you to our company, this website and our games.

Our goal with this blog is to provide you with updates regarding the development of our games, beginning with our first game: SpeedRunner!

These updates are intended for anyone who is interested in us or our games, whether they are fans (yay!), friends, or other developers. Topics we will be writing about include progress-updates (release dates, etc.), the occasional artwork previews, and information that might be interesting to other developers, such as a post mortem and tech stories.

So, what can you expect from this blog in the next few months? First off, I'll write a post on how this company came to be, who we are, and what we are planning to do, so stay tuned for that in the next couple of weeks!

Oh, one last thing: we're not planning on writing new posts every day, or even every week for that matter, since we're extremely busy creating awesome stuff for in the game. We suggest you check back here every once in a while, or add this blog to your RSS reader. Another option is to follow us on twitter and facebook!


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